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An unfailing ability to fall in love with all the assholes. Who is nothing without music, dance, words, a voice, and the ability to be swallowed in a crowd and never be found.

Justin Nozuka

Justin Nozuka
A man who never fails to make me study, help me sleep, and completely and utterly make my day. <3

Saturday, March 12, 2011


As most of you already know, my strange sadistic nature to piercings is slightly over eccentric HEE. But as of now, after my ballet exam, I'm only planning to get less than a few more, because I'm almost giving up on piercings.

The thrill that piercings bring is almost like second nature. It's like when you feel like you wanna faint, puke and shit at the same time, all in one single moment.

Which brings me to my latest obsession, tattoos :)

As most of you who know me, know that I have a huge fear of heights. Ever since that crazy roller coaster in Taiwan, which the 9 year old me first assumed was a joy ride around the carnival, turned out to be the trigger to the gun of my phobia.

But one thing I would love to do, is to be able to fly. Hence, all the bird tattoos.

I like the impossibility of the infinite. And the beatings of a heart. I love words, but it's hard to find the right ones when there's so much you have to say to get to a point.

Bottom line is, they're all so beautiful, in a way that only you can understand.

The nicest place to get a tat, in my opinion would be the back of the neck, the insides of the wrist, behind the ear, the shoulder blades, the back and insides of the ankles and the hip :p

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And I told myself not to.

But I'm the one losing the game.

I don't know why.

You just do this to me.