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An unfailing ability to fall in love with all the assholes. Who is nothing without music, dance, words, a voice, and the ability to be swallowed in a crowd and never be found.

Justin Nozuka

Justin Nozuka
A man who never fails to make me study, help me sleep, and completely and utterly make my day. <3

Saturday, March 12, 2011


As most of you already know, my strange sadistic nature to piercings is slightly over eccentric HEE. But as of now, after my ballet exam, I'm only planning to get less than a few more, because I'm almost giving up on piercings.

The thrill that piercings bring is almost like second nature. It's like when you feel like you wanna faint, puke and shit at the same time, all in one single moment.

Which brings me to my latest obsession, tattoos :)

As most of you who know me, know that I have a huge fear of heights. Ever since that crazy roller coaster in Taiwan, which the 9 year old me first assumed was a joy ride around the carnival, turned out to be the trigger to the gun of my phobia.

But one thing I would love to do, is to be able to fly. Hence, all the bird tattoos.

I like the impossibility of the infinite. And the beatings of a heart. I love words, but it's hard to find the right ones when there's so much you have to say to get to a point.

Bottom line is, they're all so beautiful, in a way that only you can understand.

The nicest place to get a tat, in my opinion would be the back of the neck, the insides of the wrist, behind the ear, the shoulder blades, the back and insides of the ankles and the hip :p

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And I told myself not to.

But I'm the one losing the game.

I don't know why.

You just do this to me.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Locked In A Room.

Locked In A Room
Artist: Oren Lavie
Album: The Oposite Side Of The Sea

Locked in a room with a sink and a broom
And the walls are all white
But you think it's alright
'Cause a wonderful picture of a bridge
Which is covered in frost
And a man comes a cross

Locked in a room that is nothing but walls
And you search for a chair
But there's nothing at all
And the one thing you find when you look at the floor
Is a key, but there isn't a door

Now that you're locked in a room
There is room to assume
You are there for a cause
You're not sure what it was
When you're locked in a room

Locked within a room of memory
Locked within a room you stand
Locked up away with no light of day
Locked in a room you begin
To find your way out
You find your way in

Locked in a room with your memory far
You don't know where it is
But you know where you are
In the dark of a room with a wall out of which
Comes a lamp, but there isn't a switch

Locked in a room it is small it is not
It is empty and cold so you fill it with thoughts
Of a wonderful nature, and various sizes you doubt
You could think your way out

Now that the room 'cause you're locked
And the moon is not lock and nobody's speaking
The silence is ticking
When you're locked in a room

Locked within a room of memory
Locked within a room you stand
Locked up away with no light of day
Locked in the room you begin
To find your way out
You find your way in
To find your way out
You find your way in

Locked in a room with a sink and a broom
And the walls are all white
But you think it's alright
'Cause a wonderful picture of a bridge
Which is covered in frost
And a man comes across
And a man comes across
Comes across


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All's fair in love and war.

You wanna play the game?

It's like this.

You play around, you have fun, you share secrets, you tell stories, you cry on each other's shoulders, you hold hands, you think about forever.

But you don't fall in love.

Because the first one who does, loses.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

lyI've been inspired to write a lot of notes, lately. It's probably because I have a lack of


Yes, love. Ah, the old fashioned, lost chilvary of mankind. How I long for, and dream of a modern man who wouldn't break my heart! My poor laments of a weird newly adapted college student. *Deep dramatic sigh*

Anyway, my recent note actually inspired me when I was in


The toilet! Where I have done most of my cover videos, and most recently clogged up one ear while washing my face in the basin. While being half deaf, and shaking like a dog to clear the water out, I actually could hear my pulse thudding at the back of my head, thus.


My note!

Sorry for the very ugly link, my computer side of my brain has completely abandoned me at a most important time :)

ANYWAY. The main reason why I wrote this, is because I'm beginning to get quite annoyed that I can't forget what I've written. I love reading in a third person's point of view, which technically why I love reading in the first place. Because not knowing a story, and understanding it from a different vantage point, pretty much makes me feel as fucking awesome as I like to be.

But, reading what I write is like sitting the same car everyday. You notice how it disgustingly smells like old people, and the aircond makes weird groaning noises when you switch it on. And the music goes all stupid when you're in a tunnel. Wait, I'm completely missing the point.

What I need, is a 'FORGETFULANATOR!' (inspired by Phineas and Ferb, and Doofersmrth (?) LOL)

Well, it's a really complex instrument, I wouldn't expect you to understand. If you look closely, I have also added in my multiple piercings, and even a red flower, for it to look my fashionable. The colorful buttons are for colors, cause I'm a colorful person. They have secret purposes, again, not saying you guys would understand. I don't think you can even cope with how sexy the entire drawing is.


Anyway, when I become a famous designer, I will bring the Forgetfulanator to life. Then you'll know the magic of my machine!

Till then, I'll be working on my schematic plans and blue prints for it. Toodleloo. College starts officially in 7 hours 30 minutes, and counting :D

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You can laugh A spineless laugh. We hope that your rules and wisdom choke you

I am currently so bloody addicted to Ok, Computer again haha. I stumbled across this video, of Exit Music (For A Film) and I swear, I have no heard a better cover of it. Even Jack Conte's Chopin mashup was not even a close contender :)

So click, click and listen :)


Anyhuhahey, college has been seriously amazing, I guess. Excluding all the insanely draggy, long, boring, tear-inducting lectures that we've got throughout orientation week, of course. We were introduced to some insane lecturers, especially when it comes to the FID (Foundation In Design) students, cause it's the first time I've seen a lady, nevermind a lecturer, who has more piercings than me! Geez, that was incredible heh hehehehe.

Anyway, to sum my post up, I'll just show you some of the pictures I've taken so far with people whom I've just met, or have known since forever :)

(L to R): Yi Li, Daniya from Kazakhstan, me and Siew Wei :)

Elwin Chin

Yoke Yin haha.

Ma dancer drummer boi, Arya :)


Naddy and Tas, whom I haven't seen in ages :)

Arya, Ah Foo boy and Nasri! :D

Nasri, me and Arya :)

Aaaand, Paul the Ah Foo Boy, with Nicole the Purple Dinosaur :)
Teheee. I hope I can continuously blog because I don't know if I'd be to busy to when college begins. Schedule for FID is even worst than the Communication, Business and Architecture students :/ SIGH.
Love you people.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I'm sitting here. Sipping an orange flavored Vitagen, listening to Carnival of Rust, and wasting my life in front of a bright white screen. For the last few conscious hours I have as a graduated high school kid, I managed to earn my first pay check (DING DING), choreographed two dances with help of Sara and Jon, seen Jon 3 times in a day, and watched LXD for the third time with Ryan.

I would like to lie to myself, and everyone else reading this, that my last day as a graduated high school kid was so productive. But, hell. It's a new day tomorrow, my bag is completely unpacked. I mean, what bag? Should I bring a bag pack, or a huge carry over shoulder thingy? Should I wear shorts, or a skirt, leggings, jeans, jeggings, a dress, sleeveless, long sleeved, a belt, accessories, bangles, make-up (HAHA), etc etc.

College is honestly a huge thing to look forward to, I guess. New people coming into an environment who love doing the things I do. I step out from that trivial high school life, and no longer regard Sri KDU as the school I'm studying in. I have to tell everyone I'm 18 this year, and act like I am too.

It's hard, haha. But, up till today. There's nothing I would change for the world. I got where I am, because of everyone in it. Everyone who brought me down, everyone who made me laugh, everyone who doubted my capabilities, everyone who hated the way I dressed, everyone who found me alluring, everyone who didn't.

In approximately an hour, 15 minutes and counting. I'm taking another step into another phase of my life.

And, I realize, I don't have any gel pens in my pencil case.

I love life. :)