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Justin Nozuka
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You can laugh A spineless laugh. We hope that your rules and wisdom choke you

I am currently so bloody addicted to Ok, Computer again haha. I stumbled across this video, of Exit Music (For A Film) and I swear, I have no heard a better cover of it. Even Jack Conte's Chopin mashup was not even a close contender :)

So click, click and listen :)


Anyhuhahey, college has been seriously amazing, I guess. Excluding all the insanely draggy, long, boring, tear-inducting lectures that we've got throughout orientation week, of course. We were introduced to some insane lecturers, especially when it comes to the FID (Foundation In Design) students, cause it's the first time I've seen a lady, nevermind a lecturer, who has more piercings than me! Geez, that was incredible heh hehehehe.

Anyway, to sum my post up, I'll just show you some of the pictures I've taken so far with people whom I've just met, or have known since forever :)

(L to R): Yi Li, Daniya from Kazakhstan, me and Siew Wei :)

Elwin Chin

Yoke Yin haha.

Ma dancer drummer boi, Arya :)


Naddy and Tas, whom I haven't seen in ages :)

Arya, Ah Foo boy and Nasri! :D

Nasri, me and Arya :)

Aaaand, Paul the Ah Foo Boy, with Nicole the Purple Dinosaur :)
Teheee. I hope I can continuously blog because I don't know if I'd be to busy to when college begins. Schedule for FID is even worst than the Communication, Business and Architecture students :/ SIGH.
Love you people.

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