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Justin Nozuka
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

lyI've been inspired to write a lot of notes, lately. It's probably because I have a lack of


Yes, love. Ah, the old fashioned, lost chilvary of mankind. How I long for, and dream of a modern man who wouldn't break my heart! My poor laments of a weird newly adapted college student. *Deep dramatic sigh*

Anyway, my recent note actually inspired me when I was in


The toilet! Where I have done most of my cover videos, and most recently clogged up one ear while washing my face in the basin. While being half deaf, and shaking like a dog to clear the water out, I actually could hear my pulse thudding at the back of my head, thus.


My note!

Sorry for the very ugly link, my computer side of my brain has completely abandoned me at a most important time :)

ANYWAY. The main reason why I wrote this, is because I'm beginning to get quite annoyed that I can't forget what I've written. I love reading in a third person's point of view, which technically why I love reading in the first place. Because not knowing a story, and understanding it from a different vantage point, pretty much makes me feel as fucking awesome as I like to be.

But, reading what I write is like sitting the same car everyday. You notice how it disgustingly smells like old people, and the aircond makes weird groaning noises when you switch it on. And the music goes all stupid when you're in a tunnel. Wait, I'm completely missing the point.

What I need, is a 'FORGETFULANATOR!' (inspired by Phineas and Ferb, and Doofersmrth (?) LOL)

Well, it's a really complex instrument, I wouldn't expect you to understand. If you look closely, I have also added in my multiple piercings, and even a red flower, for it to look my fashionable. The colorful buttons are for colors, cause I'm a colorful person. They have secret purposes, again, not saying you guys would understand. I don't think you can even cope with how sexy the entire drawing is.


Anyway, when I become a famous designer, I will bring the Forgetfulanator to life. Then you'll know the magic of my machine!

Till then, I'll be working on my schematic plans and blue prints for it. Toodleloo. College starts officially in 7 hours 30 minutes, and counting :D

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  1. hope there's some selection button on that machine. dun wanna have a ctrl-a shift-delete thing going on the brains if u know what i mean