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Justin Nozuka

Justin Nozuka
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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Best day since ever :)

I hardly get to say I spend an actual amount of time doing something I love other than dancing, singing with the band, sketching while listening to music, or prancing around the house in my shorts. But, today, I truly truly realize that I just had one of my best days in the longest time.

Woke up late, rushed to the apartment, wowed at it for about 5 minutes cause it was HUGE. Went to eat at a mamak downstairs, just missed 8 tickets from the J's dad's friend to go to World Stage SOB, Jon went off to make his retainers.

Went back up and changed into the swim stuff, swam for the longest time, and took a whole lot of pictures. Jon joined us a little later, and we got out. Took a shower, then Shaun and Ryan went back home boohoo. Lucas and the twins went to take away Wendy's, while Jas Jon and I took a whole lot of pictures with the camera.

Ate, went upstairs and took a nap because we all felt like it. Woke up, the lift was jammed so we took another extra half an hour :) hee. We were on the 25th floor lol.

I love you guys.

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