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Justin Nozuka
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bulletproof heartbreak.

So I've decided to start over my entire torrent of emotional posts. It's impossible to understand how much has passed since the last time I've been able to hear myself think.

I've been listening to a crazy load of good songs lately, and I'm contended. But Miley Cynic, the Jonas Butts, Taylor Slow and that lot have to jump of the same cliff and die together.

Anyway, if you want a selection of songs that always make me go 'sex', I'll list it down.

1. Please Don't Go- Barcelona
2. Listen (live) - Beyonce
3. Tie Up My Hands (live) - Starsailor
4. Somebody To Love - Bieber ft. Usher
5. She's A Genius (live) - Jets
6. Dreaming With A Broken Heart (live) - John Mayer
7. You Don't Know Me - Ray Charles
8. Seduction - Usher
9. Heaven - Do
10.Lost - Coldplay

For some odd reason, I think Bieber is amazing. I don't see you earning a million dollars by the time you're 16. I don't see you making huge (but slightly irate) hits on billboards within a few months. His voice is really good, and his running notes and vibratos are so good.

Anyway, I'm due for a shower, miss the smell of my body shampoo.


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