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Justin Nozuka

Justin Nozuka
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Everytime I wind up on your back door.

This is Luis Borges, a model I've been dying to see come out in Dazed and Confused for a long time. His style is really unique, and he is amazingly cuteee. I'm still all eyegasms for Cole Mohr and Gaspard Menier though.

So I keep getting bombed by shitastic questions on Formspring. Like, the one I just answered about 5 minutes ago after having a pretty decent day.

i think you should stop posting camwhorey photos of yourself on facebook. When are you going to realize that you're not pretty at all? Your face scares me.

Taking pictures are like my vice, like how being a pussy must be yours. You don't need half an eyeball to know that I'm not even remotely close to being 'pretty'. I scare everyone to a certain extent, you slow witted being.

Rule number one, don't start your sentences with 'I think you should', because honestly I don't give a shit about what you think :)

See. And then they claim that I have a very bad outlook on life.

I desperately need a cup of coffee, and I'm about to explode in my school uniform. 3 scenes to type out before Monday, exams in 2 weeks, a constant need to update my tumblr, a party, a musical. I don't think I know how to exist without plans.

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