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Justin Nozuka

Justin Nozuka
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Your thoughts are hanging on the walls of my heart.

I wish I could go off soul searching.

I'm listening to The Script and Coldplay a lot lately. I feel that their songs reach out to me in ways I've never thought possible. And it's funny how I used to think Mayer and Coldplay were really annoying.

I'm sitting with Zoe's iTouch tuned into my head for the past few hours. She has amazing taste in her music (even though she doesn't have much Paramore or NO Mayer at all.) Maybe it's only amazing because our taste is so similiar. Haha.

School has been a torrent of drawings and art (in malay, bleh.) On top of that, Azlina's leaving in about a weeks time, and I'm so sorry to see her go. She's just been the most amazing, sarcastic, sexiest art teacher. But I understand why she has to leave, and I don't object :)

I haven't been catching up with much of my school work, thanks to my art. I gotta do really well for my trials, else I'd have to wipe my hands off writing the script and choreographing performance and awards night.

I'm dying to walk away from this all. I don't think I can take it all in anymore.

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