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Justin Nozuka
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Letters to crushes.

I'd like to say I'm sorry. Sorry to all the women out there who have gotten their hearts trampled on. Sorry to the women who feel as though the only way to get men's attention is to dress inappropriately and act in ways that are not very you. Sorry to the ones that suffered through the pain of dealing with your cowardly love finding 'love' somewhere else. I'm sorry for the way you've been treated, the way you've been used, and the way you've been thrown away like you don't mean much.

Truth is, you do mean much. You mean a lot. Not just to me, but to the whole world. Look at yourself. Your smile, the way you're so focused on this right now. You are so beautiful. You really are. And you have a big, warm heart that deserves only the finest of men. Or women. Hey, I don't judge.

Open that heart to only those who deserve it, and learn to protect your heart from those who don't. I know your beauty, and I know your strength. Keep hanging on, okay? Some of us really are good. You just have to sift through the pain, keep believing and find your way.

We'll be waiting for you.

I love reading Letters To Crushes.
Brightens up my day.


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