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Justin Nozuka
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Friday, October 8, 2010


So, I'm finally married. I was waiting for the day all my life. (5 minutes, trust me.)

We had a beautiful wedding, really. Just the computer, connecting us in ways that we didn't deem possible. We exchanged Cheezel wedding rings (Jon ate them all), and I was supposed to get onion rings for all my piercings but Jon ate those to.

Hopefully he doesn't intend to eat all jewellery he wants to give me. I was thinking a necklace string of gummy bears? Or a bracelet made of M&Ms.

Okay, husband, my J.Co, are you happy now.

You wasted 10 minutes of my life talking about how we got married through technology. People should learn from us. The new generation of wedlock. We so fly, bebeh. (Y)

Don't ask me if we're for real or not.

If you say we're not, you're probably insulting the entire relationship, and the both of us. Either that or you can't take us seriously.

Then again, if you believe it, you might be taking us too seriously. After all we're a couple. Of jokers.

Then again, if you don't, you'd feel like an idiot trying to deny it in front of us, when we both clearly know we love each other.

Then again, we are hard to predict.

Then again, being full of surprises, we're probably the last thing you'd believe us to be, or the first.

Hee. Mindfuck (Y)

Good luck in your SATs. Remember when you SAT on a CAT, it fArTed, which is why you shouldn't be SATing. But it's okay. American degrees are cool.

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