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Justin Nozuka

Justin Nozuka
A man who never fails to make me study, help me sleep, and completely and utterly make my day. <3

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Impulsive blogging?

It's just amazing how a person so far away, can make you feel like you can do anything with words. What I've come to learn of friendship is that it has to make you feel amazing about yourself, it has to change you with the way that person invades your space. When it comes to friendship, you need to choose wisely.

Sure, you let everyone in. You mold yourself to become what they need, a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, a funny face, a best friend. But you need to learn which of those are willing to sit by you when shit happens, who would catch all your tears, who would tell a silly joke to watch you crack a smile.

Boy, girl, fat, thin, ugly, beautiful. Friends are amazing people.

And now, with the ranting that has been running through my head all afternoon sorted out, I'm going to dream about the beaches, the beautiful people, writing, feeling like I'm being in love, and being told the most wonderful things by people I love.

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