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Justin Nozuka
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Friday, October 1, 2010

College dilemmas. Putting the world on a hold.

I found a college I really want to go to. UWC Atlantic, in the UK. It's a castle, and Harry Potty was gonna shoot there but they had classes going on so it got called off. It's huge, it's beautiful, it's amazing, it's far from home. I know I sound like a brat, but it's such an amazing opportunity how can you not reach out and grab it? On the plus plus plus side, I found a friend of mine who is currently attending this palace, so I'm gonna know more about it than ever. And I hope I get to go.

But the fees just blew my parents head off. Lucas's school fees are nadda, zero. Which is probably why dumping $45000 pounds on their laps wasn't such a good idea. But Costa Rica, Italy and Norway all sound like amazing places to go to, innit?

Anyway with reality done, I'm going to start accounting my fantasies.

I'm planning to take an eight month gap to work on my dance and earn a couple bucks just for kicks. Gonna try out working under Mr. Zac's new Musicast. The crew's opening up a studio soon so I'm gonna try that out too. Maybe get myself into a more artsy fartsy mood so I can gear up for going overseas.

Then, I'd pack my wand, my maroon cape, take my owl's cage, wear the striped red and yellow tie. Get frizzy orange hair, and a brain. Change my name to Hermoine, and join Harry Potty and Ron Weasle in my Hogwarts in the UK in September.

Hells, yeah (Y).

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