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Monday, November 8, 2010

Amazing blues singers.

While waiting for my maid to finish cooking my dinner, I'm going to do a blog post about people who sing blues, reggae, you name it. Their voices are seriously, well, you can't really put a word on it. Except that it is so amazing haha.


1. Ray Charles

Ray Charles actually witnessed the drowning of his younger brother at age 5, and he lost his sight when he was 7. But his voice, and his determination to learn music is insane. Most of you should know of Ray Charles and the music he's produced. Funny, I didn't know he passed away in 2004, because I thought he passed away before I was born hahaha.

Georgia On My Mind is one of his more famous songs :)

Jamie Foxx and Alicia Keys covered it beautifully :D

I've Got A Woman has been covered by a lot of people, but I still like his rendition best. Hee.


2. Norah Jones

Norah Jones is another famous lady for her jazzy blues feel to all her music. Her music makes me feel like lying under the sun on the beach. Or sleeping with the rain pattering on my window. Or feeling the wind on my face.

Don't Know Why is one of my favourite songs :D

Come Away With Me is the second best.


3. Tom Waits

Tom Wait's growl is the sexiest thing in the world. I bet you a hundred million percent he beats all the metal singers FLAT when it comes to growling. His voice, is so so so so coooool, I swear to god. There's more raspyness in his voice than actual singing. He's such a freaky, beautiful man. He's like a real life Cookie Monster.

Picture In A Frame was one of the first songs I've heard from him.

God's Away On Business is the song with the insane growling ;)


4. Jimi Hendrix

He's another one of those people who are so legendary it's impossible. He wears all these Michael Jackson inspired jackets haha.

Voodoo Child! Is awesome. The guitar is (Y)


Just to add for fun.

One of the bands I find who are the freakiest, weirdest, people in the world are Cocorosia.

I'm warning you, and I repeat, am WARNING you, they are THE FREAKIEST, WEIRDEST group in the world.



Till then, lovers.

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