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Sunday, November 7, 2010

#2: Things guys seem to like in girls.

So, my blog seems to have taken a turn, and instead of ranting about my life, and all the boring in betweens, I'm going to start doing surveys for the fun of it.

Today, we'll be talking about the random, beautiful things guys like in girls.

I talked to a few guy friends about it, and it seems to revolve around the same few topics. So in no specific order, the top 5 on the list.


1. Red hair

Wear it short, wear it long, it doesn't go wrong with the boys. Doesn't it go well with being a complete rockstar? Hence, Hayley Williams. Statistic shows that she is 3810830% more popular because she has red hair. (And by statistics, I mean me.)

Just make sure you never ever end up like Lindsay Lohan.

It's not the drugs. Trust me. It's the red hair. It will take revenge.


2. Humour

Who doesn't like a girl who can understand all your secretly laced jokes. It's perfect, and one of the main factors that keep a relationship interesting.

If you don't laugh in a relationship, quit. That's your brain telling you that your specific lover is the most boring, boring guy/girl you've ever met. And the Lord knows you can't live with a boring person for the rest of your life, and call yourself happy, cause that's just, well, boring. Girls, if you don't have a sense of humor. Grow a few funny bones, grow up, and perfect a fake laugh.

Smiling also uses less muscles than frowning! If you're telling me keeping your face neutral uses even less facial muscles, go suck on a dic...e, botox girl.


3. Food lover

This is just amazing. I couldn't even find a normal picture with a girl eating cake. Which totally proves how society fucks with a physical appearance of a girl. Fear not, as playful as boys are, they like a girl who can eat. So, don't take offense when they joke about the amount of food you eat.

So, breathe, it's not impossible to believe (I think). Find a guy who is totally comfortable with the food you want to eat. You do it everyday, every 3 hours ( FOR ME), and a boy who thinks you eat too much actually proves how much of a sissy, insecure guy he really is.

You don't care about the amount he eats, so why should he? A guy who lets me eat what I want would make a a very very happy little girl :)



4. Music

Music. Sweet.

And by music I mean, not trashy mainstream music, like disgustingly distasteful songs (talking) by Ke$ha. Find your own identity through your music. Don't let society, friends, and the radio determine the music you listen to. And don't listen to a certain song just because it's cool, because you're not gonna know what you're talking about, and then you're gonna make yourself look so stupefied in front of a guy teehee.

Music also means, girls who can play guitars, and probably sing a little. I mean, what's a better gift to a boy than a song written to him on your pointless monthly anniversaries, in a candle lit room. Hee. (Cheesy romantic movie music plays.) It's honestly a gabazillion times better than cracking your head and spending tons on a shirt that he would wear and eventually use it to sweat in for all his sports.


4. Ability to look good in his shirt

Honestly, boys just love girls who can look completely comfortable in one of his shirts, and no make up on, and pull off the bedroom hair, exposed legs look. Ah, sweet 20 and above year old fantasies, waking up beside your lover, in nothing but his shirts and his arms. Then again, you'd probably look like shit, cause reality totally fucks you up like that.


This probably shows that appearances aren't everything. So, don't worry. If a boy loves you, he'll love you in everything you wear, everything you do. Hee.

Oh did I miss this out.

The one thing that draws boy's eyes away from a girl's face. This is the reason why I'm single, and the reason why boys are called boys and not men.


OH WAIT, YOU DID. And it comes with a stud.

Anyway, hope it helps with the guys haha. I'm going to start taking their advice now.

Click! (Zee Avi-Bitter Heart) and Click! (Lisa Mitchell-Neopolitan Dreams) to listen to my top contemporary girl artists at the moment :)

Till then.

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