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Justin Nozuka

Justin Nozuka
A man who never fails to make me study, help me sleep, and completely and utterly make my day. <3

Saturday, November 6, 2010

People I need to marry.

So I'm running through a list of guys I need to marry. Because I just realized how many guys out there are amazing, amazing people.

They will take a one way ticket down to Malaysia, get a cab and buy the most bad ass kicks and the cutest picks, and run in the rain, in their white T-shirts, all the way to my door. They'll climb up the window, and they'll instantly be all dry cause they're hot like that. And we can discuss about music, and eat chocolates and drink Milo, and talk all through the night. And exchange shirts, wink wink.

Something along those lines. ;))

The first guy on my list, in absolutely no order.


1. Justin Nozuka

He's just this amazingly cute, American Japanese guy my brother's friend so happened to introduce to him, which led it to me. His voice has such a rich, sexy raspy tremor to it, and I'm dying to walk down the isle with him. I like his moles. And I hate that everytime I type 'Justin' into youtube, the suggestion is 'Bieber'.


Click for the song I love most from him at the moment, 'My Heart Is Yours'.

Also check out:

'Golden Train'
'Save Him'
'After Tonight'
'Unwoken Dream'
'Hollow Men'


2. Travis Garland

Travis is originally from a boy band called NLT, which most of you would know the wheelchair boy from Glee came from. He sings, and he dances. Omg, how uber amazing is thaaat. And he also has a signature mole on his face. (What's with me and guys with moles.)

Click! To listen to his version of 'Beautiful Nightmare' from Beyonce, where he sings AND dances ;)

Also check out:

'Airplanes (B.O.B cover)'
'Dead and Gone (JT cover)'

And a few other NLT songs :)


3. John Mayer

If you have never heard of Mayer, please, stick your nose so high up your ass, shit comes out from your mouth. Mayer, is an asshole. And that's what makes him so sexy, because he KNOWS he is. Geez, you can only do that when you're a millionaire, have a bunch of tattoos, sexy curly hair, a god with your fingers, and have girls falling all over each other to get to you.

I love all his songs. And you don't need any introductions, cause every one of them are so effin' good. ;)) I'd be playing his songs at my wedding/birthday/karaoke/funeral. Hee.

The best ones are:

'Free Fallin'
'Dreaming With A Broken Heart'
'City Love'
'Come Back To Bed'
'Heartbreak Warfare'
'Your Body Is Wonderland'


4. Brian Puspos

While watching through his choreography, I just found something about him that oozes with sex appeal. He wears all these shirts that reveal but not reveal his body, and his arms are so toned, you can stick pencils between his triceps. He dances to his emotions.

Which is why you should Click! to watch this choreography he did. Because his description itself tells you so much about how he loves, and how could you not want to marry that. ;)

You should watch this just to check his style out:

'Onto The Next One'
'Always And Forever'
'The ArkiTeks'


5. Kyle Hanagami

What part of that face you don't want to tongue rape? He's so gorgeous it's unbelievable. I can't believe I missed him when he came down to Singapore to teach classes, but that's just god/destiny/fate telling us it's not the right time yet. His dances are always always always amazing :D

CLICK! For Bad Romance ;)

You should also check out his productions with The Lost Kids:

'Neverland at Element X'
'Somebody To Love'
'Might Like You Better'
'Hey Ho'
'Cooler Than Me'
'How Low'


There are, of course a million other people I would wanna marry, like, Ryan Conferido, Dave Grohl, Erik Hassle, Patrick Stump.

And did I mention?

Katy Perry.

_|_ Russel Brandt, that is for you.

Hey. A girl can dream.


  1. your post reminded me of a post someone did a couple years ago. She also listed the people she should marry. Weirdly enough, I was somehow in that list.

  2. hahahahaha. wow, so I guess she didn't keep to the list eh :) hahaha.

    Someone's a desired man ;)

  3. haha yup, I think she's choosing another person on that list. she's quitting her job and moving to australia just so that she can be with him. that's something.

    it feels great to be desired, even if in the end you're not chosen, at least you were 'nominated'. at least that's what all the people who ALMOST won an Oscar say.