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Sunday, December 26, 2010

My December

It may have seemed like I've abandoned my blog, but in fact, I have been gearing up for one of the most craziest, most confusing, picture-ful post that I am going to attempt. *Dramatic drum roll*

My December. -quote Linkin Park LULZ.

While 84.203840% of the world have been wasting their days throughout December glued to the TV screen, I have been pulling my hair out and sulking in my room, and thinking of my new year resolutions.

Now that December's almost done, that 89.2940485% of people are still glued to the TV, yes, they do eat and shit, but that doesn't count. I've probably accomplished a million things that I would never think I would ever do.

1. Meet 2 famous Malaysian bands in a span of a few months.
2. Got over my stage fright from singing.
3. Sang Fall Out Boy in my prom dress.
4. Smoothening out things with everyone.
5. Gone on the most boring holiday ever :)

So let's start of with the basics.

After a shit load of... Shit. The band came in with zero singer for my prom. LULZ. So this is what happened.

Which as you all know, relates to impossible-thing-on-list-number-TWO-and-THREE. Haha. It was probably really fun, cause Anwar and Ali were jumping up and down with a plate of food while everyone else were eating :) And also, indirectly, I managed to accomplish impossible-thing-on-list-number-FOUR. Which really makes everything a whole lot better :D


I managed to get a picture with my fenenerry! :D All dressed up so sexy in their suits. But, there was a strange photobomb I had no memory of, and the picture is blur :/


Well. Next up would probably have to be the biggest thing we've done as a band since everr. Which brings us to impossible-thing-on-list-number-ONE! Meeting

1. Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob
Whom I've actually met with the crew before they came to judge Sri KDU Unplugged :)
But then they liked the band so we cool B)

2. An Honest Mistake
Whom we met through the super cool VIP room from Taman Sea's prom! :)
Both amazing, amazing, wonderful, crazy (haired) bands to look out for today at Rock The World. Good luck to the both of yaaaaa :))


I got a new Scaffold/Industrial piercing! :D Which now adds up to about a whole lot of piercings in total. ;)


I miss the crew like hell :/ I should've gone to Kuantan with you guys, I regret like hell. I miss Azalea, and Demie who're always there for me when I wanted to complain, and dish out dirty secrets TEEHEE. I miss studying with lousy Peter. I miss hanging out with my disco stick Farah and the rest of the gang. I miss the band. I miss performing. I miss everything that's pretty much crazy important to me.

Which probably means I'm more detached from the world than I realize :/

I miss everyone, and everything.

Merry belated christmas, and happy beearly new year :))

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