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Justin Nozuka
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolution :)

My new years resolution from 2009. :D

1. Finish my canvas.
2. Finalize N.M.E
3. Finish the design on my wall and the paintings.
4. Pass my ballet exam
5. Fulfill Yu Hui's wish :D (can laah i think.)
6. Have fun for new years
7. Have latin classes with KCG! :D
8. Get better clothes, get a job.
9. Dont fail any of my SPM subjects
10.Don't falter.
11.Beg daddy to give me a Volkswagen Beatle/ Golf GTI
12. Don't crash the damn car.
13. Get on that plane to Paris.
14. Get 100 views on youtube?
16. Fall in love.

I probably accomplished only about 5 of the things I wanted to do last year ._. Which kind of sucks. Haha. So instead of mopping about and crying, I'm going to create a wonderfully WONDERFUL new list, in which I will attempt to finish all :D

1. Do a black and white canvas of either Marilyn Monroe, or Audrey Hepburn.
2. Do at least two major sketches every month.
3. Finish designing and printing n.M.e T-shirts and hoodies for the crew!
4. Be successful teaching dance.
6. Be a waitress for at least a month.
7. Dye my hair red. (DONE THAT.)
8. Get a nose piercing.
9. Get an anti-tragus piercing.
10. Watch at least 5 movies that are completely and utterly worth every cent.
11. Get 500 songs on my iPod. (I'm picky.)
12. Get 10,000 tweets! :D
13. Enter n.M.e in a major national dance competition!
14. Drive a car :(
15. Fall in love.


So yeah, I'll be keeping an eye. Rationalizing my resolutions to fit in my 365 (now 363) days of 2011.

Things to watch out for:

1. I do not write 2010 for my dates.
2. I do not crash the car.
3. 2012!

Have a good year guys. :)

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