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Justin Nozuka
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Madd Chadd Spree.

Well, since I'm bored, waiting for lunch to be cooked and I'm on a Madd Chadd Spree after watching The LXD (The Uprising Begins), I'm going to blog about reasons why I have to marry Madd Chadd :)

1. He's 6"2

As you can seee. TEEHEE. He's so tall, he's a giant robot. He's a humongous walking, talking (not really), ROBOT. Damn, 6"2 of sex right there.


2. His physical appearance ;D

Have you ever met a man who has
Wentworth Miller's hot sexy ability to pull of an overnight unshaven gruff of facial hair, and a bald head ;D
Michael Phelps oh-so-toned sexy body (Ignore the face)
And Teddy Geiger's dreamy eyeeees.

And still manages to be a robot ;)

That's Madd Chadd for you right there ;D


3. He can literally be an Oscar Award :D

And still look absolutely fabulously sexy in a pair of golden speedoes, and has the ability to make guys say 'I have Just watched a practically naked man covered in paint dancing for my pleasure and i have an erection................I and now i think im gay.' WOOOT.


4. He looks damn good in suits ;)

When I dance, I want people to question the reality of what they're seeing - Madd Chadd.

Sexiest quote in the world hands down.

Daaamn, I gotta go get changed now. If you know what I mean. Ahem.

Till thennnn. :D

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  1. LOL I stumbled upon this...but this was a great post. Mad Chadd is dope. I see you are a BIG FAN! lol